NSM-IT 2011 Staff Awards

Posted on March 08, 2012

In December 2011, NSM-IT held their annual holiday banquet and staff awards presentation. Awards are presented to NSM-IT staff in the following categories: Employee of the Year, Support Employee of the Year, Most Committed and Passionate, Most Innovative, Best Team Player, Best Initiative and Leadership, and Most Dependable and Responsible.

Awards were presented to each staff member by NSM-IT College IT Manager, Salvador Baez-Franceschi, and College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Dean, Dr. Mark Smith.

The following is a list of awards earned by NSM-IT staff:

  • Employee of the Year: Chris Watts
  • Support Employee of the Year: Babu Sundaram
  • Most Committed and Passionate: Andrea Arias-Rodriguez
  • Most Innovative: Gosfrey Gutierrez, Jr.
  • Best Team Player: Pradeep Krishnan
  • Best Initiative and Leadership: Chris Watts
  • Most Dependable and Responsible: Chris Watts